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SO, I just came home from work, and my mom actually showed up in my… - bonua [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 24th, 2007|09:07 pm]
SO, I just came home from work, and my mom actually showed up in my store and confronted me about what I was going to eat for dinner. I was so embarrased, because alot of really hott guys work with me, and they all stood there and looked at me as if I was some freak, having my mom come in and ask me what I'm going to eat. I said "I don't know" casusally, so I wouldn't look anymore stupid, and then she says "We are having hamburgers for dinner, I want you to eat one and it HAS to have cheese on it.".

You know what the guys do in the store? They usually work in the back, so they talk about the girls and rate them. They even have a 'top 5' list of the prettiest girls in the whole store. I tried to pry it out of them numerous times of whether or not I'm on it, but they won't tell me. I want to be on the top 5, and to acheive that, I have to be thin. I want my bones to stick out.

Anyways, what I ate today so far was a small peach, and a very small banana (No joke, this banana was tiny), and when I got home, my mom made this green bean salad with walnuts in it. I had a small bowl full of that and ate it in front of both her and my dad, so they will think I'm eating. The good thing was I was gone all day, so they have no idea whether I ate or not. I hope thats all I eat today, as of right now, I am one pound away from my goal weight. And my weigh in is on monday. Sooo, I usually weigh less in the morning than at night (It depends on how much I drink). I really think I can pull this off, if I do, then I will have lost 6.9 pounds this week. If I'm not my goal weight by tomorrow I will fast all day, so I will be by tuesday. Then I will have to set a new goal weight for the following monday, I'm thinking 124...which I know I can easily acheive.