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Today was okay. I didn't do as good as I know I didn't do as good as… - bonua [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 13th, 2006|09:08 pm]
Today was okay. I didn't do as good as I know I didn't do as good as I could have, because I ate just about 500 calories. I'm not sure if I went over, because I can only estimate the amount of calories my salad was =). But I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because all in all, I ate a decent amount for having my parents around the house.

Today I went shopping at a very high class village. They had tons of dark windows, so I could see myself in them easily. My mum got ice cream, and I was able to resist. I had a salad at the cheesecake factory (yum, I used to get this really good (german I think?) chocolate cake before I had an ED).

When we got home, I was really cranky, so I took my dogs to the dog park and ran with them for about an hour, so I got some excersise. The only bad thing was when I got home, my mum made me cook the hot dogs (they were fat free =o!) for dinner. I had no problem doing the grill and all that, I wasn't having cravings, just headaches xD. When I was done cooking them, my mum asked me how many I was having. I said I didn't know...just one I guess. She told me I should have at least two, with a bun and ketchup D=. What was I supposed to say to that? She was with me the whole day, so she knew how much I ate. I was like "Nooo I'll be fine with just one with mustard". I don't even like mustard, but their is no calories in it =P. Well, she yelled at me, and we can with an agreement to two hot dogs with no bun and no ketchup. It wasn't that bad because it only has 120 calories per hot dog, the only bad thing about it though is I think shes starting to suspect me not eating much. I shouldn't have argued with her, because her suspicions are probably higher.

On a good note for today though, yesterday I did 20 miles of bike riding, because my dad is like a bike freak, and he likes to go about 40-60 miles a day, which gives good reason to go out and get exercise so I can ride far with him. This morning when I woke up, I weighed between 117 and 118. That was the least I've weighed in about 4 years, so I'm really excited about that =D. I'm only about 3 pounds away from my goal before school, and I still have 2 weeks. Reaching this will be no problem, maybe I should change my goal to 110 to motivate me. Mmkay, I should sum this up. I hope all of you are reaching your goals before school, and good luck =).