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Strawberries [Jul. 27th, 2006|11:21 pm]
Mmkay, I have to make this short and sweet because my computer is dying, and I might make a few typos. Today I ate about 500 calories. I was trying to keep under 200, but my parents wanted to go to the fair, and all they is is fucking fat greese food. Well I don't want any one to know whats going on in my life (funny how I shut people out, eh?), so I got this really lean meat thing, that was grilled with like no fat, and what fat that was on it, I threw away even the littlest bits I could find. SO MANY FUCKING DAMN POPUPS I CAN"T EVEN GOD DAMN TYPE OUT A SENTENCE. I fucking hate my computer. I baby say, and I had half a nutrigrain bar while the kids were napping, and a diet right which contains no calries. For breakfast I had honeydew melon, which is mostley water, and at the fair I got a snow cone which was 65 calories, did you know for a big thing of cotton cady, its only about 45 calries per serving, and their is only two servings? Its not that bad if you are craving something sweet, just make sure to run your ass off to get rid of all of the carbs that you put into your body (should be that hard, cotton candy melts down to nothing). The weird thing is right now I'm not dizzy, tired, nor do I have a headache.